Make Up Trend Shades for 2020

Make Up Trend Shades for 2020

How weird to be looking at trends for 2020 but BASF (via Cornelius), which is one of the world’s largest chemical companies, future predicts with beauty ingredients that are designed showcase the kinds of shades/colours that the beauty industry might be following in the next couple of years. Basically, with forward trends, beauty brands need to be formulating about now to be ready so the ingredients have to be ready. A two year time line isn’t unusual. I think I’m right in saying that metamerism is key to this collection. Metamerism is when colours change when viewed in different light sources.

Make Up Trend Shades for 2020

So, if you look at these two products, they look more or less clear/white… but wait..

Make Up Trend Shades for 2020

Look what happens when they have a completely different colour behind them. Anyway, aside from that, the thing to note is these blue reflections.

These are occurring in several products, from an orange blush that reflects blue (it’s amazing!), a red/orange lipstick with tiny blue shimmers, and glitters that fall to blue.

Make Up Trend Shades for 2020

Here’s the swatch. The blue shift is hard to pick up, but that’s the point of it really – it’s a nuance, not a statement. Blue isn’t new, neither is the butterfly wing/beetle back colour shift but everything comes around again, and this is what’s on its way!

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