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Let’s all remember what got us here in the first place…so be sure to share the love this holiday!

Yes, yes, yes, we’re all familiar with the traditional Mother’s Day route (appropriate for your own mom, perhaps) of sending a handwritten card, a blooming plant, a clever cotton-candy-colored juicer — really, it’s all perfect!

For many of us, though, this Sunday is now a day shared with best friends who we’ve watched evolve from pillow-talking party girls to babely moms who are now nurturing their own babely babies. It’s this real world, real life, real time transition worthy of a celebration of beauty and true romance (since that’s how moms are really made in the first place). And in the spirit of supporting those we know best, why not extend the scope of this much-deserved national holiday past the day-to-day duties of taking care of another human and into that good-times-only territory worthy of the bedroom.

Below, several ways to remind your best baby momma that she’s a perfect 10:

Laura Schubert and Lillian Tung are the definition of forward-thinking moms, each running Fur’s chicly packaged line while taking care of daughters that are still counting their ages in months. “I’ve found quick beauty rituals you can do at home (e.g. while baby naps) are a great way to feel sexy even with all the new demands on your time as a new mom,” shares Shubert of the hair-softening and skin-soothing mix of peppermint and clary sage that’s become an unsurprising hit for below-the-belt care. “I don’t have time to use a lot of different products, so Fur Oil is my all-purpose post-shower staple.” And for Tung, the dreamy globe of hydration plays a similar part in low-key selfcare. “Being a mom is addictive — the new role shouldn’t make you feel like romance is suddenly off the menu. Now that I have a toddler, squeezing in a bath is the closest I’ll get to the spa.” Her hot tip? Add Fur Oil to the water for an aromatically divine soak that ends with a glistening, head-to-toe glow.

“Motherhood is a beautiful life transition, but having a tiny person make constant demands of your body can definitely interfere with your sense of sexiness or romance,” shares Vanessa Cuccia of Chakrubs, the crystal-focused brand that’s made waves with their innovative Yoni Eggs, designed to enhance and restore the intimate muscles that motherhood pushes to the max. And for time-strapped schedules, a training session only requires 10-15 minutes with the pretty amethyst and rose quartz orbs. “Yoni eggs have both a therapeutic and physical benefit in that they can help new moms restore vaginal strength and improve urinary incontinence (which is totally normal, by the way) while also increasing sensation to that region,” explains Cuccia of the selflove essential. “Make this your me time and try to practice a few times a week, with the intention of strengthening your connection to pleasure and sensuality.”

Moon Juice’s Amanda Chantal Bacon has become a West Coast wellness guru in her own right, and on top of that, a boss mother that knows the power of a sexy potion. “Romance makes the daily routine special and sweet — Arousing Bliss is a blissful energy potion for moms of all ages!” she cheers of the brand’s newest addition to the famed Dust line. A mix of power ingredients from Sex Dust and Spirit Dust, Arousing Bliss delivers a skin-friendly blend of organic cacao designed to “stoke your fire.” And according to Chantal Bacon, the Free People exclusive is as easy as a cup of cocoa to enjoy. “It’s delicious self care that can be added to coffee or simply warm milk.”

It’s way too easy to push romance and intimacy to the side,” says Julie Clark as we discuss welcoming PG-13 action back into the picture after bringing new life into the equation. “It’s all about showing respect to the moms in your life, and creating space to relax and receive love,” Clark shares of gifting the all-natural Sex Oil she designed for her Province Apothecary line with wildcrafted and certified organic ingredients like GMO-free Vitamin E and rosemary leaf extract. “This is the perfect day to celebrate love in all ways, including making time to connect with your partner, for a sensual massage, or a little self-love.”

Getting in the mood is the next universal mystery that Steph Wakefield and Simon Hill of Your Tea’s Insta-famous line are ready to crack. “Sex Tea, despite the promiscuous name, is not your instantaneous aphrodisiac. Because, well, that isn’t the problem when it comes to a lack luster libido,” Wakefield explains of its blend of kidney-boosting herbs (because in Traditional Chinese Medicine, weak kidney energy = poor libido). Stress, anxiety and digestive exhaustion all play huge roles in our lack of sexual energy,” she notes. “We all know sex is fabulous — it’s often a lack of physical capacity that has one hopping into bed, book in hand.” Steeped in a bit of hot water and enjoyed a few times a day, the magic tincture builds up kidney strength to help balance hormones and enhance sex drive in time for a steamier summer, according to Wakefield’s predictions: “It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving — within a few weeks of Sex Tea replenishment and revitalizing, your evening read will be smothered in dust.”

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Are we all secretly treating the eco-friendly pebbles and sleek brushes like straight-up collectibles?

After half a decade as a beauty editor and a lifetime captivated by all things cosmetic, I’ve managed to hoard a collection of baaaaasically every luxury product on the market, plus a backup or two. So why, whyyyyy do Lilah B.’s low-key brushes and pebble-shaped compacts end up being the first things I reach for when I’m getting ready?

The infatuation is happening live. I proudly stack the little stones of foundation, bronzer, and lip & cheek duos around my vanity like a treasure place to be marveled over by guests. Even the eco-friendly tools are displayed like slick white wands in their own special glass (for optimal visibility). And according to my favorite tell-it-like-it-is celebrity makeup artist Omayma Ramzy, the brand’s tightly edited brush collection satisfies even a professional skin whisperer in her day-to-day.

It’s all rooted deeper than aesthetic appeal alone: When I receive the new Glisten + Glow Skin Illuminator stone, this time the color of melted copper, I call up Brit babe Ramzy to hear her take. “The ingredient list is what drew me to it,” she agrees of the halo-imparting formula, enriched with black currant seed oil to reduce inflammation, plus a dose of firming brown sea algae for under-the-radar skin care with every gleaming swipe. “It ticks a lot of boxes for me,” Ramzy explains. “Hydration, firming, glowing, and with a pretty package too!? This one goes in my purse.”

And maybe that’s the real appeal for beauty vets who’ve spent years blindly smearing chemical-rich formulas on our faces: A two-for-one product that in the short term adds an imperceptible, touched-by-an-angel glow, and in the long term actually encourages your skin to create its own luminosity is an obsession worthy of a deeper dive. Cheers to the anti-vice.

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Celebrity makeup artist Omayma Ramzy sounds off on why the adorable packaging isn’t the only reason to fall in love with every lip-hugging option…                                                                      

The first thing I’d like everyone to know about Winky Lux is that not only is the packaging super cute, but the products work amazingly!” makeup artist Omayma Ramzy shouts in her everything-sounds-charming British accent as we talk about the brand’s new launches, a gilded capsule of 24kt Gold Glimmer Balm and one adorably holographic Pixie Kit grab bag.

Omayma. Photo by Michael Blank.

“I first stumbled upon Winky Lux in my friend’s makeup kit, and then of course fell in love with their pill packaging and glimmer balms—I’m obsessed,” Ramzy admits of fueling the line’s internet-breaking Flower Balm frenzy. The UK-born, LA-based beauty master, known for perfecting the highly lensed faces of clients like trip-pop singer CYN and actresses Georgie Flores and Marisol Nichols, isn’t even associated with the brand, she’s just genuinely infatuated with their famous balms’ natural finishes and foolproof results. Below, her artist’s guide to maximizing every perfect, paraben-free swipe:

“Everyone obsessed over the Glimmer Balm… we know, we KNOW — cute packaging, perfect shimmer — but the 24kt Gold Glimmer Balm is just beyond,” Ramzy shares of the luxe new gold-on-gold capsule that she deems “your new bestie.” With its natural vanilla-infused coconut scent, the sparkling bullet reacts to your personal pH levels for a dreamy your-lips-but-better shade. “Its pH magic gives you the perfect-for-you pink, and then takes it to the next level with a subtle gold glimmer over for a subtle, shimmery win.” Consider it a warmer option to its older sister’s icy sheen.

PRO TIP: “I love using this on its own, or even using it to reactivate any lipstick when you don’t have all the time in the world to re-perfect this morning’s lip.” 

“A Perfect Little Lip Kit”: The Pixie Kit 

“Let’s face it, one lip just won’t do for every aspect of your day-to-day, day-to-night routine,” Ramzy declares of the need for a failsafe-yet-highly-edited mix of shades and finishes. With three full-sized options including the coveted Flower Balm (color-changing technology encasing a real chrysanthemum), Glossy Boss tube in Juicy (infused with food-grade vanilla and nourishing Vitamin E), and Glimmer Balm (unicorn-inspired with a touch of “galactic glitter”), the kit checks every sheer, believable box for effortless, healthy color. “It’s a perfect little lip kit — who doesn’t love making effortless easy?!” Ramzy enthuses of the full package. “The Glossy Boss is the perfect 90s shade — natural, but more. You can wear it thin or layer it on heavy, I love a glossy lip with a slightly matted skin for contrast and this one does the trick perfectly,” she shares of the time-traveling lacquer. “I’m a big multi-use fan, which is why the Glimmer Balm is also a must — I love adding this over my favorite lipstick for the perfect natural shimmer.” And who could resist the appeal of its portable fairy wand aesthetic?

PRO TIP: “I like using the Flower Balm in a fresh daytime look, with clean skin and a bit of shimmer on my eyes. A great little trick I like to do is to blend a small amount onto my cheeks when I’m in a rush and ta-dah! You also have the perfect dewy blush.”

Can one clean, genius product revolutionize your entire routine?

When I ask Genevieve Tan about the kind of feedback she’s getting for her wonder product, an understated tube of Organic Healing Balm, she replies simply, “this stuff is magic.” And as the do-it-all salve celebrates its first birthday this month, loyal fans of her London-based brand The Gentle Label might be onto something.

Like a stepped-up version of the Paw Paw ointments makeup artists and models swear by backstage every NYFW, the Organic Healing Balm brings another power player into the mix. Derived from papaya, natural enzymes resurface lips without the need for chemical exfoliants, while Tan’s addition of nourishing calendula heals dry, chapped skin. “Conventional balms create the illusion of moisture, while their harsh ingredients can cause skin to become irritated, dry out, and age much more quickly than it should,” she shares of her instinct to nix petrochemicals from the recipe.

Its main purpose? Multi, of course. “It can be used anywhere from hair to heels,” Tan explains of her goal to make a unisex, streamlined product with the potential to be the only moisturizer you need to pack. “It soothes and heals cuts, burns, and bites, and it even provides relief after a fresh wax or new tattoo,” she notes of the lip-balm-meets-primer-meets-hand-cream-meets-makeup-remover-meets-wonder-salve. Below, a few of Tan’s bonus tips for maximizing the modern minimalist’s newest essential:

1. Apply a thin layer to lips and leave on while doing the rest of your make-up. Blot off just prior to applying lipstick for a smoother canvas and stronger, longer-lasting colour.

2. Dab onto a cotton swab to clean up eyeliner mistakes or smudged mascara without having to remove all of your eye makeup at once.

3. Turn powder pigments into a natural, dewy blush or tinted lip gloss by blending with a bit of balm.